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Are you looking for a comprehensive local marketing solution?

DigitalCue is the perfect local marketing partner to help your business reach its local target audience. We provide full-service advertising solutions covering all marketing aspects, from strategic planning and creative production to social media, digital marketing, and analytics. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your message reaches the right people in the right places.

  • Expertise in Local Markets
  • Campaigns tailored for your target audience
  • Find new customers while also engaging existing ones
  • Drive sales and increase brand awareness

What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing is a marketing strategy that targets consumers in an area around a business.

Also referred to as location-based marketing and neighborhood marketing, Local Marketing is an effective way for businesses to increase their reach and presence in the local community. This strategy of marketing can include a wide range of activities including social media, local SEO, print, and digital signage.

By taking advantage of these strategies, businesses can establish relationships with people in the local area. As a result, the business will build visibility for its brand, and ultimately drive sales. Additionally, local marketing gives businesses an opportunity to target a specific demographic and tailor their messaging accordingly. Therefore, further establishing a stronger and more personal relationship with customers. With the right strategy in place, businesses can take advantage of this powerful form of marketing to increase their bottom line and reach more customers in the local area.

Our Local Marketing Services

Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results.

Social Media

Social media allows you to voice your brand message, deliver deeper insight into your mission, and generate leads.

Google Ads

Google Ads offers audience targeting, a pay-for-performance pricing model, and an easy-to-track ROI.

Google My Business

Google My Business provides you with the ability to list your business on Google Maps and local search results.

Print and Direct Mail

Print targets advertising to a relevant audience and offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Digital Signage

Digital signage can engage customers, enhance their experience in-store, and be used to advertise locally.

Our Process

Our process is simple and straightforward making it easy to work with us and even easier to get started.


We start with a free no obligation consultation to uncover what is working for your business and what needs to be improved. This not only provides us with a direction to move forward but also a baseline for comparison of future campaigns.


Our team will construct a solid marketing plan to improve your current marketing efforts with your budget and timeline in mind. This could be one service or a combination of several.


Here we execute the stages of your marketing plan. As your different marketing initiatives are running we are collecting and analyzing data to again see what is working and what can be improved for future campaigns to be even more effective.

local marketing

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